2 Children’s Books we’re coveting

Autumn is the time for stories and these two new titles provide the perfect excuse:

Madame Badobedah by Sophie Dahl

Mabel lives with her parents in The Mermaid Hotel, by the sea. Mabel likes to keep an eye on the comings and goings of all the guests. Then one day a particularly in-ter-est-ing old lady comes to stay. There is something very suspicious about her, with her growly voice and her heavy trunks and her beady-eyed tortoise. And why does no one know her REAL name? There can only be one answer, Mabel decides … this guest is a SUPERVILLAIN. But even supervillains have a soft side, and as an unlikely friendship grows between the pair, their fantastical exploits take them well beyond the corridors of their seaside home.

We just love Sophie Dahl’s writing. This, her first children’s book is full of charm and wondrous detail that will pique the interest of small children. With beautiful illustrations from Lauren O’Hara, buy it for all the little people you know, or for yourself. Published 3 October 2019 by Walker Books, £9.35 amazon.co.uk

Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street by Felicita Sala

10 Pomegranate Street is the sort of fantasy house where a different aroma floats from every window. Food from around the world is prepared by the assortment of residents who each share a recipe; Jeremiah’s making peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies and Mr Singh and his daughter are stirring coconut dahl. Both a recipe book and a story book with beautiful illustrations, this sweet collection would be just as joyous to read in bed as it would be to cook from. Published 12 September 2019 by Scribe, £9.35 at amazon.co.uk

— Daisy Allsup
2nd October 2019

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