Win a copy of Elton John’s autobiography

Despite being well versed in Elton John’s story we nonetheless laughed our way through his new autobiography, Me. Written with ghostwriter Alexis Petridis (the Guardian’s rock and pop critic) there’s an absurd and amusing anecdote on just about every page. There’s the time he threw oranges at Bob Dylan for being rubbish at playing charades, ‘or so I was informed the next morning by a cackling Tony King. That’s not really a call you want to receive when you’re struggling with a hangover.’ Nor is a call informing you of the previous night’s spending spree, ‘in my case I’d bought a tram. Not a model tram. An actual tram that had to be shipped from Australia and could only be delivered by hanging it from two Chinook helicopters.’ Then there’s the Aston Martin he painted the colours of Watford FC only to have to ‘fess up to Prince Philip who asked, ‘You live near Windsor Castle, don’t you? Have you seen that bloody idiot who drives around that area in his ghastly car? It’s bright yellow with a ridiculous stripe on it.’ ‘Yes, You’re Highness. It’s actually me.’ Told with warmth and comical self-awareness, it’s an excellent read. We are happy to have two copies of the hardback that was published by Macmillan on 15 October to give away to our readers. Just enter the competition via the form below:


Me by Elton John
published 15 October 2019
— Daisy Allsup
16th October 2019