December Book Club: Bernardine Evaristo’s Booker Prize winner

Whatever your feelings about the Booker Prize being jointly awarded to two books this year, we are very glad that it shone a light on Bernardine Evaristo’s wonderful novel Girl, Woman, Other. This exuberant novel tells the interconnected stories of a group of black British women. Each of the 12 women has a chapter to herself but their stories also overlap. As has been commented in the Guardian “For many readers, it’s not a familiar world – this is a Britain less often depicted in fiction. But that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not a world that is possible, and worth celebrating.” We are delighted to have three copies of the hardback book to give away via the form below, and do read along with us – we’ll be reviewing the book in our newsletter on January 2nd 2020 to discuss it.


Bernardine Evaristo's Girl, Woman, Other
— Alex Peake-Tomkinson
4th December 2019