Christmas Gift Guide: Books by Felicity Rubinstein

Lutyens & Rubinstein in Notting Hill is one of our very favourite bookshops.  It’s so brilliantly edited that you seem to find all the books you’ve loved alongside all the books that are on your to-read list. So we’re thrilled that co-founder Felicity Rubinstein has told us her top books to give this Christmas:

THE DUTCH HOUSE – Anne Patchett, £18.99

A beautifully told story of abandoned siblings and an obsession with their childhood home.  For anyone who loved Patchett’s last novel, COMMONWEALTH, this to my mind is even better.

THE TOPEKA SCHOOL – Ben Lerner, £16.99 in store

A brainy, chewy and absolutely brilliant book from the author most likely to produce the next Great American Novel.  The first 20 pages alone are worth the price of admission.

ROYALS – Emma Forrest, £12.99 in store

An enchanting fairy tale of a novel, perfect for the Christmas break.  Set in 70s London during the week of Princess Diana’s wedding, two troubled teenagers find each other and form an unlikely but life changing bond.

And in non-fiction:

A GAME OF BIRDS AND WOLVES – Simon Parkin, £20 in store

A hugely readable account of a group of woman who helped devised a winning strategy to defeat the Nazi U-boards during the second world war.

The Book of St John, £30 in store

From the iconic restaurant, a collection of recipes that reflect 25 years of peerless cooking and championing of British food.  Every recipe works brilliantly, but read it for the sheer joy of Fergus Henderson’s prose.

The Land Gardeners: Cut Flowers, £39.95

A ravishing book filled with gorgeous photographs and practical advice.  Brings Spring to life during these bitter wet months.

Christmas Gift Guide: Books by Felicity Rubinstein
— Francesca
11th December 2019