Whizzy kit for facials at home

There’s been a rise in at-home beauty kit, but where to start? These tools will help achieve the facial experience from the comfort of the bathroom or sofa:

Best for Toning: Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Sculpting Roller

Rose quartz rollers are known for their powers in de-puffing, boosting circulation and enhancing glow. The added bonus of Angela Caglia’s (known as the ‘Hollywood Glow Girl’) roller is that it gives out 6,000 sonic vibrations a minute so you get even more toning and sculpting. £160 at net-a-porter

Best for Steam: Panasonic Facial Steamer

No facial would be complete without the classic steam. Gone are the days of trying to recreate this at home with a bowl of steaming water and a towel, you can now get the full spa experience with ease. Panasonic’s Facial Steamer uses nano-ionic technology, reducing the particle size to 18,000 times finer than normal steam particles. In real terms this means they can deeply penetrate the skin, opening up the pores to remove all debris and impurities, whilst also boosting hydration levels. £129.99 at Panasonic.com

Best for facial massage: Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facialift Roller

One of the leading lights in all things skin, and founder of the Skinesis Clinic in London’s Sloane Square, Sarah Chapman’s hands-on facials are renowned.  Now you can get her signature facial experience at home thanks to The Facialift Massage Roller. With 8 different massage wheels and 48 nodules, the device detoxifies the skin, promotes circulation, de-puffs and dramatically sculpts. All you have to do is gentle push and roll the massager from the centre of your face outwards to stimulate blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage. Use it with the Ultimate Cleanser on to deep clean congested areas, or before bed with the Overnight Facial Serum on for brighter skin by morning. Facialift, £30 at Sarah Chapman

Best for an LED facial at home: Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

The name is scary, the look is scary, the price tag is scary. But for anyone who likes LED facials (try one before you buy) this face masks gives the full experience at home. Red light stimulates natural collagen production and fights ageing whilst blue light targets bacteria, preventing future breakouts. Use it 3 minutes per day for diminished acne and faded lines within 2 weeks. £430 at Cult Beauty

Best for fighting pollution: Foreo Luna Play Plus

At the forefront of facial cleansing brushes is Foreo’s Luna Play Plus. Made out of soft silicon bristles it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin, unlike many other cleansing brushes. The brush diffuses 8,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute, ensuring the deepest cleanse yet. A must for city dwellers, your skin will feel squeaky clean. £39 at Cult Beauty

At-home Facials
— Emily Streatfeild Moore
4th February 2020