Kids’ crafts and online creative sessions

Growing up, we were very fortunate to have a very ‘crafty’ mother who could turn her hand to anything – be it hatmaking, baking or Christmas tree decorations.  We’ve tried to keep up the tradition with our own two daughters and now during this time of the CV lockdown, these arts and crafts have really come into their own.

Hand flower bouquets

Ask your kids to draw around their hand and cut out this shape.  Then get a pip cleaner (preferably green with another colour for the stamen) and twist the stamen colour around the top of the green pip cleaner.  You might need to cut off half or so of the stamen colour otherwise it will be too big.  Then get the hand cut out shape and twist it around the green pip cleaner with the ‘stamen’ popping out the top.  Finally curl the ‘fingers’ with a pair of scissors to make your flower.

Toy Parachute

Draw around a large plate on top of a plastic bag and cut out. Mark four crosses on the cut out, north south east west, put cellotape over the crosses and then put a hole punch over the crosses. Tie four pieces of string to make the parachute, then attach difference weight parachutists to see how they float down.

Paper Dolls

My kids find endless fun in dressing up their paper dolls. Tip – it is easier to give the clothes tabs so that they stay on the dolls and to make them out of thicker card.


Get some paper (tissue paper works well but as you can see above, we even used kitchen roll) and cut out about 30cm x 30cm with as many layers as you would like.  Then fold about an inch one way, then another, repeating until you are finished.  Then make small cuts in the edges (if you want this effect). Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the folded paper in the centre keeping the pipe cleaner facing downwards.  Then pull the paper outwards to create the flower – you can always add some more pipe cleaner at the base  of the flower to make it more secure.

Other craft/online creative sessions we have loved include Drawing with Rob with Rob Biddulph, author of books including GRRRRR! and Odd Dog Out.











Making potato stamps with Molly Mahon

Plus listening to David Walliams’ Marvellous Musical Podcast; watching all the Studio Ghibli films on Netflix, My Neighbour Totoro is the best one for younger kids (on April 1st they released the full list); singing with Gareth Malone on the Great British Home Chorus; colouring in and making masks with Merrilee Liddiard; watching the baby elephants and more at Chester Zoo; learning about music with Mylene Klass and finally, the brilliant LotsofLovelyArt have run low on their art boxes but you can download their art cards here for £6 (reduced from £9).

Kids' crafts and online creative workshops
— Francesca
1st April 2020

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