Simple Pleasures

We’re dialling it right down this weekend. When things get overwhelming it’s time to do very simple things, many of which we haven’t considered since we were small:

Choose a picture book instead of a novel

Sometimes it’s just not possible to focus on a book and that’s ok. Instead of binging on Netflix, how about keeping some picture books by the bed? We recommend Amy Merrick, On Flowers, for anyone with or without a garden, and Assouline’s newly published, St Tropez Soleil for ultimate escapism to the French Riviera.

Buy a Skipping Rope

Running is all very well but it gets repetitive so mix up your daily outdoor exercise with skipping. It sounds a bit childish but give in to it: skipping makes you happy whilst also burning lots of the extra calories we seem to be consuming at tea-time. Order a rope that is 3 feet taller than your height.

Wear bright colours

For anyone who spends a large portion of their day working via Zoom calls, we recommend wearing a bright colour. It distracts from wrinkles/grey hairs and will make you, and everyone else, feel more optimistic. All profits from this blue Anni Heart sweater from Chinti + Parker go towards meals for the NHS.

Fried egg-in-a-nest for supper

Use a cutter or an upside down water glass to cut a circle in the middle of a slice of bread. Add it to a frying pan bubbling with butter and crack an egg into the hole. A childrens tea in 5 minutes. Saying that, there’s no age limit on the enjoyment and the New York Times definitely makes it look good enough for grown-up’s.

Clean sheets

The world divides into those who bother to iron their bedlinen and those who don’t. If you’re in the latter category maybe now is the moment to try it? In any case strip the bed, air out the mattress and wash your sheets. Then make it up again, plump the pillows and slide in. Plus there’s currently 15% off and free delivery at Cologne and Cotton for anyone in need of a refresh.

Dry the laundry outdoors

Perhaps the ultimate simple pleasure? Peg up the laundry on a line in the garden and let it dry in the sun.

Big House Tours

A very simple game of going for a walk and picking out your dream house and imaginary other-life. This can be played anywhere but it’s especially good in London just now as it’s so quiet on the streets and all the blossoms are out on the trees. It’s also a way to exercise that makes a change from running around the park.


Toast and Marmite, toast and jam, toast and honey, toast and peanut butter, toast and marmalade, toast and lemon curd. Whatever the topping, plenty of butter is essential.

Chocolate nests for Easter

There’s something so soothing about making chocolate nests for Easter. They’re possibly the most simple thing to make – just melt chocolate and mix into cornflakes, rice crispies or shredded wheat. Spoon into a cupcake case and fill with Mini Eggs. It’s baking without any baking at all.

Listen to the birds

A friend messaged saying the greatest joy she was getting at the moment was listening to the sound of a wood pigeon outside her bedroom window. Is it the lack of cars, or have we all tuned in to the birdsong that seems louder than ever just now? To identify some of the dawn chorus, follow along Madeleine Floyd Studio’s daily Instagram posts.

Saying hello to the neighbours

We’re ashamed to say this is a recent thing that came about via the NHS clapping and us all hanging madly out of our front doors and windows. It feels good.

Saying goodnight to the moon

And finally, with time slowing down and days blending into one, look to the moon. We were spoilt with this week’s pink supermoon, looming large and beaming out brightness. A slither of a new moon can be equally lovely.



— Daisy Allsup
8th April 2020