Playlister: A Little Bird soundtrack to staying home

Playlister usually provide the music for top hotels and restaurants: Chateau Marmont, Chiltern Firehouse, Quo Vadis, The Standard Hotels, Cafe Mambo in Ibiza and more. With most of their clients currently closed, they asked us if we’d like them to create a playlist for you, our readers. Co-founder Ben Bridgewater and his team came up with this, and we think it’s the perfect soundtrack for  being at home right now. Do make sure to turn off shuffle and listen to the songs in order so you can appreciate the narrative – the story centres around a caged bird that is finally able to fly free.  The playlist includes artists such as Stan Getz, Mel Torme, Nina Simone and Louis Armstrong. We hope you like it:

Locked In: A Caged Bird by Playlister
— Daisy Allsup
30th April 2020