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Sophie Dahl on her favourite Scents For Spring

When I think of Spring, I think of Hellebores, lambs and birdsong.  Of pink ceilinged, dusky days, longer days, which make you start to forget the bleak of winter. It’s filled with possibility.

The scents that are redolent of that green promise to me, and that you should know about, are the following:

Cristalle by Chanel: Should be worn by a boyish, sexy gym teacher who drinks gin and tonics. There’s something oddly enigmatic about Cristalle, I’ve worn it on and off for years, always in spring- time.


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Muguet du Bonheur by Caron: Pure, creamy Lily of The Valley, which is given in France to those you love on May Day. This scent is warm and blonde.


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Fleur de The Rose Bulgarie by Creed: Green as a lawn of trampled roses after the rain. And it was worn by Ava Gardner. Need I say more?


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Eau de Soir by Sisley: Citrus, amber and musk, this is for women and not for girls. It has a ghost of one of the Guerlain greats. The poster girl would be Parisian and complicated.


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Joseph Parfum de Jour by Joseph: I wore it as a teenager. It crackles with hyacinths, lily of the valley, rose, amber and ylang ylang. Will forever remind me of wearing Mac Spice lip liner, black bomber jackets and white jeans that were too tight, and fancying boys called Tristan. A classic.


Ysatis by Givenchy, in honour of Daisy, who wore it for years: Ysatis is something I remember stealing from my grandmother’s dressing table. It’s bold and mysterious; a musky floral that is just the right side of trampy. It speaks of borrowing your sister’s favourite dress and putting it back in her cupboard without telling her you ever took it in the first place.

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First published 19th March 2014

— Daisy
17th May 2020