Summer Legs and Toes

We have been dry brushing our legs for 2 weeks’ now and have already noticed much softer skin thanks to all that exfoliation. Something we didn’t expect was that it would also become a bit of a pick-me-up. Try it in the morning before a shower and you’ll notice that it’s strangely uplifting, leaving the skin tingling and stimulating the lymphatic system to spring into action. Supposedly this helps the body metabolise toxins and gets rid of cellulite – an effect we can’t say we have noticed yet but we will keep you posted. It definitely helps improve skin tone and smoothness. Try a natural sisal brush, like this, £18 from Cowshed. Arket’s long-handled version by Stockholm’s Iris Hantverk is useful if you want to reach your back.

After dry brushing it’s key to moisturise. We really rate Ameliorate’s Transforming Body Lotion for smooth legs. Formulated to treat Keratosis Pilaris (or bumpy skin), the look and smell is quite clinical, but it works well at reducing lumps and bumps, including ingrown hairs. Note that it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid which makes the skin more susceptible to the sun, so wear a high SPF too. From £9 at Cult Beauty

For those doing lots of running during Lockdown, tired and swollen legs need Legology, the brand created by The Telegraph’s ex-beauty editor, Kate Shapland. This Daily Lift for Legs is light and citrus-scented £62 at Liberty

This is a bit like a CC cream or tinted moisturiser for the legs. Instead of a proper fake tan, or even the lighter gradual tan products that you have to build up for days, this serum provides an instant glow that washes off in the shower. We love having it in the bathroom for days our skin just doesn’t look up to bare legs. As well as colour, it provides Vitamin C and E and a gentle sheen but not a shimmer. Perfect Legs Skin Miracle, £38 at Space NK


It might not be the best look, but sleeping overnight in cotton socks after you’ve applied foot cream helps it to work its magic. Even if you don’t have a specific foot cream, you could just use a body moisturiser and add some essential oils (we like this Uplifting Body Oil by Bramley). For a more treaty experience we love Susanne Kaufmann’s warming foot cream, which is quite rich and best applied in the evening before bed, £43 at net-a-porter

For a proper pedicure, there’s no one like Margaret Dabbs. The newly launched Perfect Home Pedicure Set provides a step-by-step guide and professional tools to last a lifetime: a curved toenail clipper, crystal nail file, white block buffer, super shine buffer and a foot file as well as the exfoliating mousse and award-winning intensive foot lotion. The Pedicure Set (£117) is currently £67 on introductory offer at Margaret Dabbs. We’ve been tipped off that this will go up to £79 on 1 June, so act fast for the best price.

Essie remains our go-to nail varnish. It’s non-gloopy and glossy, plus the names are great. We love Ballet Slippers as a nude and Eternal Optimist as a soft pink, but right now want something with more pep. The orangey-red Fifth Avenue works, £7.99 at Liberty

For those of us without a steady hand, it can be tricky to achieve a polished look. To tidy up any nail varnish that goes astray, we recommend this O.P.I Nail Corrector Pen. It can be refilled with nail varnish remover, but make sure to wipe the tip clean on a cotton pad after each use. £10.50 at O.P.I

— Daisy Allsup
27th May 2020