Creative Competitions with Dazzling Prizes

However you spent lockdown, it’s likely that creative hands have been busy. Now’s the chance to submit your masterpieces as part of CREATE! a new competition to raise funds for literacy charity, Schoolreaders. The call for entries is now open and there are four categories to choose from: Painting and Drawing, Photography, Needlework and Textiles, and Other Creations. These will each be judged by an impressive panel including Hugo Guinness, Harry Cory Wright, Emma Bridgewater and Sarah Foot. The prizes in each category have particularly caught our eye:

Painting and Drawing: An original Hugo Guinness Linocut in a vintage frame

Photography: A framed Harry Cory Wright photographic print

Needlework and Textiles: A framed ‘Thread the Word’ embroidery

Other Creations: A personalised Emma Bridgewater teapot

The closing date is 8 September so there’s still time to create something new if your back catalogue isn’t looking too promising. The idea is that entrants (or rather their parents) will make a donation to Schoolreaders to support a child’s reading for a whole year.  This will help those who have fallen behind with their reading during the COVID-19 crisis. Open to all ages. Enter here.

For older children and young people aged 16-25, Tate are inviting creative submissions that respond to one of seven iconic works in their collection, and the winners will then be displayed on London billboards for two weeks in August. The Open Call is for works in any form: a make-up look, a photograph, a painting, a poem (just remember it will need to be reproduced on paper). The works to respond to can be found here, and include a Guerrilla Girls poster, Millais’ Ophelia and John Simpson’s Head of a Man. To enter email with your submission before the deadline on Monday 27 July 2020. Good luck!

Public artwork of Rosa May Billinghurst, created for LDN WMN by artist Shadi Al-Atallah.


Creative Competitions with Dazzling Prizes
July 2020
— Daisy Allsup
22nd July 2020