Free Colour Consultancy at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is a British business that’s had a very good lockdown. Whilst we’ve been confined within our own walls many of us have been tinkering, and as a result their Herefordshire HQ has never been busier. Founded by architectural historian and interior designer Edward Bulmer, the paints come in excellent colours. Better still they are made using just 12 earth and mineral pigments meaning they’re breathable, containing no toxic chemicals or plastics and they emit no harmful VOC’s. Whilst the team always offer colour consultancy, this August it’s entirely free meaning you can get expert advice on your own project. Simply send in photos or a video tour of your house, or else set up a zoom call and they’ll help you decide on colours, and after that what ceiling and woodwork hue could work with it. We asked Edward and Emma Bulmer to share a few of their most popular shades:

Invisible Green: This is a very vivid grass green that brings the outside in and vice versa. Of course such a strong colour is hardly ‘invisible’ but we have taken the nineteenth century idea of painting ironwork in a landscape to vanish it. A striking green that brings the outside in, it’s popular with interior designers and Rita Konig used it in her wonderful farmhouse.

Credit: Katharine Paravinicini

Cuisse de Nymphe Emue: A versatile dusty pink that works in most rooms and can look soft with off-whites and greys or dramatic when paired with deeper hues. The name literally translates as the thigh of an aroused nymphe. Interior designer Joanna Plant described it as ‘the most flattering paint colour ever, which makes us all look about 12’ – and demand went off the charts with people repainting bedrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

Welmish Blew: An old way of saying warmish blue. This colour is as useful and attractive as it sounds.

Pearl Colour: One of the most popular off-whites, this looks wonderful as the main wall colour to create a modern, rustic look which we are seeing more and more paired with other colours for woodwork. The beautiful opalescent appearance of a pearl is hard to pin down but it creates a pale radiance like the best jewellery pearl.

Lute: The ultimate beige, we love its robust character. It will instantly proclaim a Georgian residence of the middling sort and is a real friend to an interior with good architectural bones.

To make use of the free colour consultancy service email to arrange a time to talk about your project. You can also make use of their Summer Samples Sale, where 3 sample pots cost just £10 (usually £5 each, delivery included). Enter SUMMERSAMPLES at the checkout until 31 August. Sample pots of all Edward Bulmer colours, as well as A5 colour swatches can be ordered on their website. When it comes to ordering the paint, 2.5 litres of emulsion costs £49.50.


Edward Bulmer Natural Paint
— Daisy Allsup
29th July 2020

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