My Brilliant Friend Tours, Naples

We’ve just returned from Naples and Ischia, a trip we’ll admit was partially inspired by Elena Ferrante. Anyone who loves the Neapolitan novels or the HBO adaption as we do and finds themselves in Naples should sign up to a Looking for Lila tour. Run by the charismatic Sophia Seymour, a British journalist and art historian, you’ll visit Rione Luzzatti or simply ‘the neighbourhood’, as it’s known in the books. Here, Lenu and Lila literally peek out around the scuffy apartment blocks in the form of cut-out stills from the TV series.

Reading extracts from the books as you go, Sophia guides you through the streets bringing the scenes to life from the library and the rumbling train track behind, to the rusted grills where the girls lose their dolls and the corner bar where you can just imagine the sinister Solaras brothers stepping out into the sunshine. You’ll dip in to bakeries to sample the local cream buns, stop and have a drink and pick up fascinating tit-bits of insider information about the neighbourhood as well as Naples more generally all along the way.

Sophia meets you at your hotel which is a relief as Naples is not a city to try to navigate alone: having an Italian speaker and a local is invaluable. To book a tour email

Looking for Lila
— Daisy Allsup
26th August 2020