Back to School Cooking

Routines resume this week, and it’s going to be an adjustment for us all. Here are a few great tools to help out at tea-time, from speedy meals to kits and printable plans:

Best for meal plans: Lizzie Loves Healthy

Lizzie’s offering free downloads this week on her Wellness 7 Day Plan, a complete back-to-school nutrition guide. The 28 recipes (3 meals a day plus a snack) include summer roast chicken with salsa verde, hummus pitta pockets and buckwheat pancakes – so it’s proper food that’s also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, balanced to support the immune system. The idea is that you also buy her highly-rated new Be Well and Be Sleepy natural wellness sachets and incorporate these into the plan too. Download and print the weekly calendar – there’s also a blank version to fill in yourself.

Best for speedy suppers: Potage

Potage has pivoted their business away from fresh salads pots and snacking boards and now specialise solely in their heartier home-made hot meals. Stock up your freezer with things like lasagna, mac ‘n’ cheese and massaman curries that are ideal for the days you don’t have time or energy to cook. Fans will be relieved to hear the cookie dough and brownies can still be added to your basket at checkout. Nationwide delivery now available.

Best recipe kits for kids: Little Cooks Co

If you’re looking to get your children involved in cooking for themselves, Little Cooks Co is a good place to start. A baking recipe arrives every month through the letterbox along with all the organic, dry ingredients you’ll need to make it. You buy the fresh ingredients meaning you’re not under time pressure. We tried the key lime pies, and were impressed with the natural ingredients – dates instead of refined sugars etc. Kits also contain a child-friendly savoury recipe card with a simple dish that takes about 15 minutes to prepare. Plus, every box bought pays for a vulnerable school child in the UK to receive a healthy breakfast through its partnership with the charity Magic Breakfast.

Best for fresh fruit and veg: Oddbox

These boxes are made up of surplus produce, or rather the stuff the supermarkets deem too knobbly or wonky to sell. Delivered overnight you wake up to it on your doorstep on a fixed day per week. It’s just fruit and veg – no extras – and great value for money.

Best for tackling food waste: OLIO

If you find yourself about to go away for the weekend and sitting on a fridge of food, share it via the OLIO app. This rocketed in popularity during lockdown, with people able to share fresh food, homemade creations (sourdough anyone?) and store cupboard supplies with their neighbours. Everything on there is free – download here.

— A Little Bird
9th September 2020

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