Meg Mathews on the menopause

Meg Mathews was at the centre of the 90s Brit Pop scene, the wife of Noel Gallagher with her own PR company, who, at the age of 50, started to suffer from 32 different issues that turned out to be the menopause.  Shocked at both the severity of her symptoms and the lack of knowledge and information about the menopause, she set up MegsMenopause in 2018.  A platform to raise awareness and understanding as well as creating a worldwide community to support women going through the menopause, Mathews has also just written her first book The New Hot.  Published on the 1st October, it is a frank and helpful guide for anybody curious about or suffering symptoms of the menopause.  Guiding you through the HRT question, beauty advice, exercise and eating, it’s an honest and witty guide to what happens next.

We learnt a lot reading your book. Why do you think there is such a lack of information about the Menopause today and why is it still such a taboo subject?

I’m so glad, thank you.  There is just not enough up-to-date information and support out there for the 13 million women this affects in the UK. I just wanted to write a book that was honest, that empowered and entertained while taking on the menopause with attitude and style.  Doctors only receive three hours on the menopause during their whole training. Employers and their HR departments need to be able to help support women during perimenopause and menopause.  We need to empower women to talk and get the information and treatment they need.  The embarrassment and shame around menopause must go.

It’s years of what we have been bought up hearing and we don’t know any different – things have moved on and we all have to catch up. I hope my book can help with this.

We particularly liked the My Story slots – where did you get these stories from?

I meet with people all the time and ask them to offer up their stories. Some of the women wrote into my website and gave us permission to share them. It was all organic and people liked to share their story.

What is the most common question that you get asked about the menopause?

How long will it last?! I’m sorry there is no answer….each woman is different.

It is very practical your book with an emphasis on Taking Control.  Do you think losing control is one of the most common traits that women feel during this time?

Yes… 100% I was so overwhelmed. I would not say ‘lose control’ but overwhelmed…. with everything.  I could not drive; my brain didn’t connect with my mouth. When I’m like this I do three things, number one ten mins of Yoga with Kassandra You Tube followed by her 10 minutes of affirmation and then breathing.  Breath in for five hold for five breath out for eight. This can help reset your brain.

Also, a good 20-minute walk outside in the fresh air can help.

Where do you live in London and why?

I have lived in Primrose Hill since 1995 – I love it because I’m part of the community it’s like a village. Local shops and grocery shops – I know everyone and have friends here and I love all the parks. I feel very privileged to live here.

Which is your favourite restaurant?

The Gunton Arms in Norfolk (a country house hotel and pub).

What are top beauty products? 

Kat Burki – calming gel cleanser by Kat Burki. £47 from Net-a-Porter

Sealed with a loving kiss hyaluronic acid serum, £24.99 from MegsMenopause

Mio Sleeping overnight serum, £34 from LookFantastic

Golden hour body moisturiser Mio, £26 from LookFantastic

Which are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

@Megsmenopause of course!

@RichieSwan great workouts I did through lockdown




What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I do my Kassandra yoga for 10 mins on YouTube (you do it over 30 days with an affirmation), meditate for 5 to 7 mins, drink green juice (broccoli, fennel, lemon, rocket and celery etc) and go for a good walk.

With a covid autumn looming, what would your top tip be to women to keep up their spirits during this time?

I just think we really have to be very mindful and if you are responsible around your bubble and yourself it takes the anxiety away. Wearing my mask and washing my hands takes away the anxiety.

We have been through one lockdown and we will get through this.

Walking and talking are my two number one medicines – my life savers. If you are feeling vulnerable reach out to friends.

I meet a couple of friends with our dogs at 7am to walk socially distanced and talk each morning – it’s a game changer.

You can do yoga with youtube and Richie Swan on Instagram as amazing free workouts.


The New Hot: taking on the menopause with attitude and style by Meg Mathews, £12.65 on Amazon

Meg Mathews on the menopause
— Francesca
30th September 2020