The Best Dinner Candles

The evenings are drawing in, which calls for candles! Replenish your stocks with these top sets:

Swirl candles, £6.50 each from The Edition 94

Hand-painted pumpkin candles (bespoke designs also available), £12 each from Bable

Natural Beeswax candles, £42 for 6 from Matilda Goad

British Colour Standard striped candles, £24 for 6 from Kitchen Provisions


Bougies la Français dinner candles in an assortment of colours, £18 for 12 from Pentreath & Hall

Ester & Erik Spruce long tapered candles handmade in Denmark, £2.75 each from Hus & Hem

Laursen short dinner candles, £3.99 for 8 from Fine Nordic

Burnt Gold 8″ dinner candles, £7.85 for 6 from St Eval

Household candles in ivory (and other colours) £6 for 12 from HEMA

Sage green dining candles, £6 for 2 from True Grace

Venetian Dinner candle set, £10.95 from Sarah Raven

Citrus crush dinner candles, £16 for 6 from W.A. Green

Aster red dinner candles, £26 for 6 from Issy Granger

— Daisy Allsup
6th October 2020