Christmas cards top tips & a Papier discount

Call us old-fashioned but we really do prefer a proper, in-the-post Christmas card to an e-mail. So we asked Sophie Agar, Brand Director of Papier to give us her top tips on sending the best Christmas cards.  We are also offering our A Little Bird readers a special discount at Papier.  Use the code ALITTLEBIRD at the checkout to get a 15% discount, valid until December 20th 2020.  Please note that this is for a one time usage only and cannot be used with any offer.

What is your favourite Christmas card you’ve ever received?

I’m a total sucker for calligraphy – a few years ago I received a Christmas card (which was lovely) in the most beautifully calligraphed envelope – I couldn’t bear to throw the envelope away! The message inside was also in calligraphy – it just makes such a big difference!

What is the most popular Christmas card you sell at Papier?

Our Penguin family card is one of our most popular designs – you can choose from 8 variations to suit the makeup of your own family, then personalise it with your name. We felt it was important to design something that reflected the diversity of our customers’ families.

What do you think makes a Christmas card special?

A Christmas card can bring a smile to someone’s face & remind them that someone is thinking of them. Especially at times like these, spreading some seasonal joy to friends & family when we can’t all be together is needed more than ever.

Any top tips for choosing Christmas cards?

Decide if you would like to add a photo to your card – this can help narrow down your options. Photos can be a great way to have a little fun with your Christmas cards & remind people of special memories.

Decide if you want to go serious or have a bit of fun – we have a lot of kooky animal-themed Christmas cards, from penguins to dachshunds, which are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face

Your colour choice and motifs don’t have to be traditional – try pastel colours for something more modern, and delicate illustrations of stars & botanicals add a festive touch but are not too heavy on ‘classic’ Christmas.

We love a bit of gold foil – it’s worth it to add something extra special to your Christmas cards

If somebody has a lot of Christmas cards to send out, do you have any time saving suggestions?

We offer customers the option to pre-address their envelopes – just upload your address list & we print them for you – it saves a lot of time!

We put our Christmas cards on a long ribbon and hang them above our fireplace. How do you store your Christmas cards?

If you have a staircase it’s fun to have Christmas cards going up the stairs.

And finally, please could you choose your top 5 Christmas cards from Papier this year?

This little sweater-adorned dachshund is a favourite of our customers every year – you can also get matching menus & place cards with him/her on to decorate your festive table with!

We love pink and red as a color combination and with the sweet holly & ribbon motif in the corner, this is the perfect modern, photo card.

Star motifs & botanical illustrations with bold typography are the perfect combo for a Christmas card.

This personalisable festive tree shines brightly with the gold foiled details.

I can almost taste and smell the mulled wine when I look at this card!

Christmas Cards top tips plus Papier Discount
— Francesca
4th November 2020