Super Supplements

There is something about winter – is it the dull skin and the sluggish gut? – that always makes us turn to supplements for help.  But not all supplements are created equal, something that Beauty Pie founder Marcia Kilgore discovered recently,  ‘Many of them were full of more fillers and bulking agents than actives’. But the market is now changing: both Beauty Pie and Votary have just launched their new range of supplements and there are others too who are offering more transparency and ergo, more effective offerings.

Votary‘s co-founder Arabella Preston wanted to add nutritional supplements to their range of skincare oils and products as she believed ‘that what you put in your body is just as important as the products you use on your skin’.   Their supplements are split into four categories: for skin, sleep, gut health and hair/skin combined.   We particularly like the Super You Supplement Set which gives you starter collection and at the moment it’s reduced from £175 to £140 too.

Beauty Pie brought nutritionist Kay Ali onboard to help them with their latest launch: three supplements containing bio-identical and bio-optimised ingredients. Perfect Daily contains 22 nutrients for everyday help; Like Sun delivers the Vitamin D equivalent of 15 minutes in Miami-strength sunshine and Collagen Super Powder with wild marine collagen. Our top pick is the Multivitamin and Mineral capsules, Perfect Daily (£11.37 to members) which are based on advanced nutrigenomics.  (See also our Beauty Pie post to get a free £50 voucher here with the code ALITTLEBIRD)


Wild Nutrition offers an organic alternative to many supplements on the market.  Their Food-Grown supplements contain no unnecessary preservatives, colourants, fillers or binding agents. They are also free from the aggressive doses of synthetic or isolated ingredients often found in traditional, compressed powder tablets meaning they are better absorbed by the body and kinder to the digestive system too.  If you’re unsure which supplements are for you (they have a lot to choose from) then you can either book in free video consultation with a nutritionist online or fill in an online questionnaire.  We’ve taken their Magnesium tablets (£16.50) before and found them both easily digestible and effective.  You can also buy the supplements as a one off or on a subscription with a 10% discount plus the supplements come in a glass refillable jar which the rest coming in pouches.

According to Dr Paul Clayton, medical consultant for Lyma Supplements, ‘Over 90% of the £100+ billion supplement industry is nothing more than a placebo.’ Using 9 peer-reviewed ingredients in different formulas to help with anxiety, sleep, performance, health, focus and beauty, Lyma offers a subscription at £149 per month (you can buy it directly from Lyma or on Net-A-Porter too). If you’re suffering from the menopause (or perimenopause), do look up their menopause section and perhaps consider their supplements for sleep and/or anxiety.


— Francesca
19th November 2020