What to Listen To Now

We’ve always got an ear out for a new podcast, particularly in a rather dank January. Here’s what we’re tuning into now:

Air Mail’s Morning Meeting

Funny, intelligent conversation ranges from the rise and fall of Moda Operandi to the storming of the US Capitol. Guests include Candice Bergen, David Sedaris, Ina Garten, Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, Cazzie David. The show has two regular hosts as well as sometime-appearances from Air Mail’s co-editors Graydon Carter and Alessandra Stanley.

Everything Under the Sun

This brilliant podcast has just returned for a second series and might offer a break from home-schooling. ‘Why do rockets fly to planets?’ is answered by Richard Branson, ‘Why do horses wear shoes?’ is answered by Clover Stroud, ‘Why do we do yoga?’ is answered by Zephyr Wildman. Each episode is 10-15 minutes long and driven by questions posed by inquisitive children – you can submit yours here.

The Doctor’s Kitchen

This podcast delivers sage nutritional advice in an approachable way thanks to having an NHS GP as its host, Dr Rupi Aujla along with a range of expert guests. Can you eat for COVID? is the topic of a recent episode with Professor Robert Thomas. There’s also eating for anxiety, eating for migraines, eating for the menopause, eating for immunity and more symptom-specific episodes as well as general wellness chat.

A Promised Land by Barack Obama

Eleven 15-minute episodes where Barack Obama reads selected excerpts from his newly-published presidential memoir, A Promised Land. The book itself is a tome of over 700 pages, so this is a way to dip your toes in.

Period Power with Maisie Hill

A new podcast from Maisie Hill, menstrual health expert, acupuncturist, life coach and author of the book, Period Power. Three episodes are out so far, the most recent of which suggests swapping new year’s resolutions for a simple one-word intention. This can be set at the start of the calendar year, as well as at the start of every cycle. It’s pleasingly simple – just think about how you want to feel and come up with a word that fits. It could be playful, resilient, creative etc. and that is your starting block.

Desert Island Dishes

A comforting, undemanding listen. Margie Nomura hosts guests like Ruth Rogers, Alison Roman and Nadiya Hussain who discuss their favourite sandwiches, fantasy last meal and the dish they cook the most often. A new series started in December with episodes landing on Thursdays.

The Missing

A new True Crime podcast hosted by Pandora Sykes that explores the 1% of long-term missing people in the UK who have never been traced. Each episode centres around a new case with the hope that the listeners might be able to help share more information via the Community Board.


— Daisy Allsup
13th January 2021

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