Our new favourite tv series’

After an epic binge of the brilliant Lupin this week, one of the newest additions to Netflix, we found ourselves exploring the vast library of foreign language programmes that are available on UK streaming services.   Here are some of our favourites, old and new:

Lupin (French) – Netflix (see the trailer here)

We found this series extremely gripping and breezed through the five available episodes. Loosely based on the books by Maurice LeBlanc, Lupin follows a gentleman thief trying to exact revenge on a ghost from his past. More episodes are due later this year.

The Bureau (French) – Amazon Prime, 5 seasons (see the trailer here)

This critically acclaimed espionage series has taken in huge audiences worldwide since its first season in 2015. With an American remake rumoured to be in the works, it’s a great time to start watching the original. 

Dix Pour Cent, also known as Call My Agent (French) – Netflix, 4 seasons (see the trailer here)

We’ve had so many friends recommend this popular French comedy, with the fourth series premiering on Netflix this Thursday, that this is next on our must-watch list. Centred around a talent agency, episodes include cameos by well-known French actors such as Isabelle Huppert and Monica Belluci. One of the main actors, Camille Cottin, is the lead in the French adaptation of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag, called Mouche.

Tehran (Hebrew) – Apple TV, 1 season (see the trailer here)

A fairly recent addition to Apple TV, Tehran follows an Israeli agent attempting to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program. Gripping. 

Fauda (Arabic & Hebrew) – Netflix, 3 seasons (see the trailer here)

Yet another Israeli series focused on spy-craft, Fauda follows an undercover army unit immersed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Fauda is Israeli for “chaos” and there is plenty of tension amid the chaos in this series.

New must-watch tv
— Elizabeth Eaton
20th January 2021