Salt Pigs

Monster Pinch by Beata Heuman

Do you have your own Salt Pig?  Characterful, charming and useful (they need to be earthenware so they keep the crystal salt fresh), they are an everyday object of joy.  Here are our favourites:

Monster Pinch, £85 plus VAT from Beata Heuman

Gold salt pig (also available in cobalt blue), £120 from Feldspar

Stoneware Salt Pig, £32 from Le Creuset

WM.Bartleet & Son small salt pig, £11 from Divertimenti

Handmade ceramic salt pig, £35 from Natashaandpots on Etsy

Handmade stoneware salt pig with spoon, £38 from Charlotte Storrs


Salt Pigs
— Francesca
27th January 2021