The Millers Way Project

The Millers Way Project is on a mission to bring the population to better state of health. After the pandemic, it’s never felt more necessary. Each of the four practitioners brings a specific discipline – acupuncture, sports massage, Chinese medicine and osteopathy  – and through working together and teaching each other the result is that when you see one practitioner you really are tapping into the expertise and experience of all four. Then there is a wider community of teachers that make this place such an holistic offering. We spoke to James Cattermole and Chloe Ogden, two of the founders of the Project, which has just opened its doors in Shepherds Bush.

Could you tell us a bit about your approach at The Millers Way?
You might come to our practice when you’ve reached a bump in the road, when conventional western medicine hasn’t worked. We believe that we have a magical team here – each one of us on our own wise path through life; we want to bring some of that wisdom to the wider community.

What new technique are you most proud of? 
We want our patient clients to have better and better health and believe that is linked to purpose in life.

Tell us a bit about a couple of the classes you offer
Qi Gong is an ancient internal art (I call it ’tingling awareness), which improves your body energy flow. Satria Yoga is another slow practice, a fusion of yoga and Pilates, where you hold moves for deep core conditional and overall endurance and strength. We are also running a very popular Kids Street Awareness six-week class.

What is The Millers Way space like?
We have created a light open space where we want to encourage clients to relax before and after; the sort of environment where you might learn just as much from another client chatting over some tea telling you about their experience as you would a practitioner.

What’s the next big health trend? 
It’s not so much about the next big thing as looking and learning from the past. Two thousand years ago people recognised that health meant looking after the body and mind as a whole. We want our clients to be able to look inwards to recognise what extra help they may need to strive towards better and better health.

What’s the best things about Shepherds Bush? 
We are new to the area. I (James) love the Polish shops where I can buy blood-nourishing foods. I (Chloe) can cycle here from my home in Notting Hill. We love the fabric shops and the fruit and veg market stalls.

We love your amazing home-created herbal teas. Will you be offering food at Millers Way?
Yes! We have plans to develop a supper club with Chinese cooking that use the five key flavours – including sour foods that are lacking in most cooking.

Chloe, how do you look so youthful? 
I do Qi Gong classes to release any tension in the tissues and I use only natural products – no chemicals – in my simple skincare routine.

What book do you have by your bedside? 
I am reading the second book by Jordan Peterson – Beyond Order.

Can you share with us some Instagram accounts you like.
Lara Heimann @lara.heimann and Fighting Monkey Practice @fightingmonkey_rootlessroot

There’s currently a launch offer on all treatments at The Millers Way Project, currently £70 (instead of £80). 30-minute Tea and a Chat appointments are free.

The Millers Way Project
Shepherds Bush, W6 7NH
0203 4888 678
— Annie Reid
7th July 2021

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