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We've always got an ear out for a good podcast, old or new. Here are our current favourites.

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Missing Pages is a new podcast that covers some of the juiciest stories in the publishing world. Hosted by top US literary critic Bethanne Patrick it’s an inside scoop on the secretive world of book publishing. Guests include authors and NYC media insiders who tell the real story; unfit for print.

With a little extra time over the summer, we have become slightly addicted to The Rest Is History. Hosted by historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook, they pack an astonishing amount of knowledge into 50 minutes on topics ranging from the Romans to Watergate. All done with humour.

Two people who were once at the centre of politics and on opposite sides of the political spectrum, talk current events with candour.  Particularly good on interviews including Keir Starmer and William Hague, it makes politics enjoyable and relevant again.

A Little Bird The Rest is Politics

We found ourselves bent over laughing at this BBC comedy series that aired from 2011-2015 and now available on BBC Sounds and Audible. It’s a spoof on chef life (think Nigel Slater) about a food writer called Damien and his partner, Anthony. After a very successful first book, A Year in the Kitchen, Damien is working on a tricky second volume. It’s well written and very funny.

A Little Bird - In and Out of the Kitchen
A Little Bird - Who Cares Wins

This eco-pod from Lily Cole somehow carries off an optimistic approach to the climate crisis by focussing on those working for positive change.  Episodes are a bit hit and miss depending on the guest – there’s a great episode with Conservative Environmental Minister Zac Goldsmith, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, and co-founder of Extinction Rebellion Gail Bradbrook, and another with Isabella Tree. Meanwhile Elon Musk spends a lot of time discussing the colonisation of Mars.

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Serena Hood, co-founder of Collagerie tipped us off about this podcast from tech entrepreneur Steven Bartlett. You might imagine a 29-year-old millionaire to be rather annoying, but Bartlett is a grounded and level host who doesn’t shy away from the interesting questions. The latest episode with Julian Metcalfe, founder of Pret spans everything from marriage to hiring a great manager. The 10 minute ‘Moments’ are good too, offering snippets of wisdom from longer episodes.

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