Stock the larder: What we’re eating now

Is January always this long? These are the treats that have got us through the month:

Siggi’s yoghurt

High protein Icelandic yoghurt with low sugar and no fat. Perfect for satisfying that sweet urge without succumbing to a whole pack of biscuits. £1 a pot, available from Sainsbury’s.

Agua de Madre 

A grown-up very low alcoholic drink in a lovely bottle, made from an ancient Mexican culture. It certainly puts a spring in your step. From Farmdrop and Planet Organic. £3.75/330ml bottle


These are are cross between a brussel sprout and broccoli. We appreciate this might not be an attractive prospect to many but give it a go. Particularly delicious when tossed in a drizzle of olive oil with a sprinkle of chilli, garlic and then a squeeze of lemon juice. Available at Tesco’s and Waitrose, £1.50 per bag.

Melt Superfood chocolate

For an after-dinner treat. It is so intense and smooth, you only need a tiny bit … and to think it’s doing you good. £7.99 for 90g

Bach’s Rescue Pastilles

We’ve kept anxious feelings at bay with these pastilles that are soothing and not too sweet. A tin is a good thing to have in your handbag. Available at all good chemists, or £5.99 at

Meridian Pumpkin Seed Butter

There are loads of new ‘butters’ on the market and they’re a great way to boost protein, especially for those cutting out or down on meat. We’re loving this pumpkin seed butter on toast or dolloped into curries. £2.99 a jar,

Soda Stream

We are now drinking sparkling water with abandon (and not feeling guilty about all those glass and plastic bottles recycling) with our snazzy Soda Stream with refillable gas canister. Starter kit, £59.99

Oatly salted caramel oat milk ice cream

We’ve been fans of the milk for ages – every since they handed out free oat hot chocolates at Latitude a few years ago. Their new ice cream range is vegan and surprisingly satisfying, particularly the salted caramel. £4.50/500ml tub at Tesco.

Love Beets

Pimp up any salad (we love it with feta and walnuts) or whizz up with some coconut yoghurt to make a soup. It’s full of vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. Love Beets offers cooked beetroot in different forms and flavours, £1.25 a pack at Tesco.

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