Easter Baking & Crafts for Kids

Easter cupcakes

These were super easy to make (see the recipe here) and we topped them off with decorations from Meri Meri.  Next on our list are hot cross buns by Jamie Oliver and Pret A Manger’s dark chocolate cookies – they released their ‘secret’ recipe online last Friday and we’ve noticed many people raving about the results!

Bunny painting

Cut three parts from an old kitchen roll or a loo roll and glue them together (liquid glue or a glue gun works better than Pritt Stick).  Once it has dried either brush on the paint or for younger children, spread the paint out on a plate.

Easter biscuits

These are the most delicious buttery cookies which we’ve cut out with Meri Meri Easter shapes.  You can find the recipe here – do make sure that you refrigerate the dough after making it (preferably over night) and that you use lots of dough when rolling it out.  Also we don’t always put almond paste or lemon zest but just add a little extra vanilla and it always turns out well. The recipe for the icing is here, we find using an icing bottle is by far the easiest method.

Easter butterflies

You’ll need a pile of square different coloured sheets of paper (preferably about 7-10cm squared).  Cut out the body first and then add the antennae.  Then take a contrasting coloured sheet and fold the square in half. Then fold the left side over the right and fold it back again.  Fold the top edges to the centre line. Now fold the right middle edge to the upper right edge and do the same on the other side.  This makes one wing so you will need to repeat these steps so you have two finished wings. Glue these wings to the body and then, if you wish, some spots or patterns onto the wings.

Speckled Eggs

We used polystyrene eggs (easier for younger kids) but you can also use blown out eggs too. Fill a large cup with rice and then add in paint (fairly liquid).  Mix them thoroughly and then add into the egg and roll it around until it is completely covered in the paint, being careful that none of the rice mixture ends up on the floor.  Repeat with different colours for a multi coloured effect (depending on the paint, you might need to let them dry in-between). If you are looking for further Easter Egg painting tips, then do check out Isla Simpson’s post on Twig Hutchinson’s lovely site Minford where Twig has created the campaign Excited for Easter to lift our spirits during the lockdown.  Other specially made classes for the campaign include Molly Mahon’s printing workshop and Kitten Grayson’s Spring Wreath.


With many thanks to Elizabeth Eaton for her help with this post.

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