Littlest Luxuries

We’ve definitely found that since having children (twin girls), we spend less money on ourselves and more on our kids’ clothes.  The result is a gorgeous wardrobe that they grow out of all too quickly.  We were delighted then to discover the recently launched Littlest Luxuries, a website set up by Lucy Walford (who previously worked for House & Garden and Tatler), that sells a lovely selection of nearly-new designers childrenswear.  Brands include Bonpoint, Caramel Baby & Child, Marie-Chantal, Stella McCartney and many more.  Unlike eBay (which Walford says she has been using for the past 10 years and built up a good knowledge of how to photograph and sell clothes successfully), the quality is very high and if there are any marks (such as a name on a shoe), you will be informed before you buy.  The website is beautiful to look at too.  And if you want to sell some of your kids old clothes, then you simply fill in the Sellers Form, letting them know which clothes you’ve got and they will tell you which ones they will accept.  Happy selling/shopping!

A Little Bird Loves

A Little Bird - White Co